Local Service Matters

JSD Appraisals is a leading provider of comprehensive appraisals for Ventura County and surrounding cities. We promise hard work and an ethical approach. They result in an assessment you can trust.     

We appraised all residential property types, from large hillside homes with ocean views to condominiums and single-family residences on gentlemen’s farms and manufactured homes on permanent foundations. These are just a few examples of our areas of expertise.

Here are the services JSD Appraisals offers:

Single Family Residences:

  • 2-4 units – income properties
  • Manufactured
  • Condominiums
  • Planned Unit Developments

Additional Services:

  • Real Estate Owned (REO)
  • Rental Surveys
  • Measurement Services
  • Estate Planning/ Date of Death
  • Divorce
  • IRS compliant reports
  • Pre-Listing
  • For Sale by owner (FSBO)
  • Comp Check -Market Analysis

Appraisal Services for Camarillo and Surrounding Areas

An appraisal does not always require a physical inspection of a property. A “drive-by” appraisal is only an exterior inspection of a specific property. This type of appraisal could be an option for a particular assignment; at a minimum, an appraisal may be provided without ever leaving the office and can also be done as verbal communication between the appraiser and the client. The research and time that goes into the appraisal process will be the same with any of these options, although some clients, such as mortgage lenders or banks, will require specific criteria; therefore, only some of these options would be suitable for this situation. A consumer or a legal professional such as a CPA or attorney might have more flexibility. 

Appraisals for the IRS will require specific requirements outlined on their website at under Real Property Valuation Guidelines.        

Before the inspection, the appraiser will determine which approaches to value would be appropriate for the assignment and include the Sales Comparison Approach, Cost Approach, or Income Approach. The Comparable Sales Approach is the most commonly performed in the appraisal process. This approach considers closed sales in your market area, similar to the property appraised. The best comparison would be an exact “mirror” of the property appraised, although this is not always the case. The appraiser will compare all differences for the most competing sales in the market and adjust the appraisal based on the market reaction. For example, two properties sold in a neighborhood are identical except for a pool. The property without a pool sold for $20,000 less than the property with a pool; therefore, the appraiser would use the difference in sales price for the pool adjustment used in the report. This method is known as “paired sales.”                      

The Cost Approach is best when appraising newer properties, although this is only sometimes the case. Local building cost manuals will be used to assist the appraiser in determining local building and labor costs. This approach will calculate a suitable market “replacement” for a more modern version of the property, based on current building standards as of the effective date of the report. The site value will also be specified in this approach. If land sales are available, this will assist the appraiser in determining land values for the area; if land sales are lacking in the market, the opinion of site value will be determined by a method known as “extraction.”  Sales in the marketplace will be used with similar improvements after considering the contributory value of the improvements in the market. 

The Income Approach would be used when appraising 2-4 units. The appraiser may perform all three approaches; therefore, when you reach out to JSD Appraisals, the best approach to value and the type of appraisal options will be discussed, depending on your appraisal needs.